Crossing Rivers

A young Maasai girl’s world is turned upside down when she is traded to an old Gikuyu woman in exchange for food, by her starving parents. Compelled to become a Gikuyu she goes through adoption and initiation rituals. She falls in love but soon after her marriage her world, once again, changes forever.

“Brilliantly written and uncompromising in its perspective, Crossing Rivers by Skeeter Wilson delivers us into the hands of the peoples of pre-colonial eastern Africa allowing us to learn at their fires, listen to a voice most have never heard, and appreciate a way of life all too often misrepresented.” T.L. O’Hara

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About Skeeter Wilson

Skeeter Wilson

Skeeter is a writer and historian. He has a degree in History and Creative Writing and received an MA by combining African history and literary fiction. He grew up in Africa and his fiction is mostly based on a blend of his own experiences and his studies as a historian. His non-fiction includes African history as well as his American experiences.

Skeeter and his wife’s passion for photography have led them to start their own business, Lens & Pens Publishing. In his downtime, when he isn’t writing or working on his new business, he enjoys cooking, working in the garden, playing with his puppies, and spending time with his grandkids as well as victimizing music lovers with his strumstick.

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